You Can’t Quote Leviticus to Prove God Hates Homosexuality

The standard Biblical case against homosexuality is not as air-tight as many people seem to think. People bring up many points routinely, and it’s amazing how the attacks don’t hold up&…

Source: You Can’t Quote Leviticus to Prove God Hates Homosexuality

The question at hand is false. The writer limits you with his quote “that you cannot legitimately quote Leviticus to prove that God hates homosexuality”. by keeping you in the book of Leviticus to make his point about homosexuality. Which is like building a philosophy or denomination off of one scripture. This is the same sick demonic example that Satan tried on Jesus when he tested Him in the wilderness. “If you are the Son of God” then do this or that. What a lie. The writer then breaks his own rules of engagement by sending you to Galatians. Wake up people the pretense is a false one and the kind Satan and the media uses everyday.

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